Al Ayre Español (photo: Marco Borggreve)

Chamber Music

Christmas music with Al Ayre Español

Eduardo López Banzo is a treasure hunter of a special kind: the harpsichordist, organist, conductor and musicologist from Zaragoza has already brought to light many musical treasures from dusty archives and performed them together with the vocal and instrumental ensemble he founded Al Ayre Español (“in Spanish style”). In this concert entitled ¡Vaya pastores de fiesta! Eduardo López Banzo invites you to a Baroque Spanish Christmas. The programme includes Christmas cantatas by José de Torres and Juan Manuel de la Puente.

Al Ayre Español

Eduardo López Banzo organ and direction

Alison Lau soprano

María Eugenia Boix soprano

Gabriel Díaz Countertenor

Victor Sordo tenor

José Antonio López baritone

¡Vaya pastores de fiesta! − A Spanish Baroque Christmas


Pasacalles I and II

Juan Manuel de la Puente

Christmas Cantata “Nunca con más sosiego”

Antonio Vivaldi

Sonata in G minor for 2 Violins and Continuo, RV 72

José de Torres

Christmas Cantata “Divino hijo de Adán”

José de San Juan

Una noche que los reyes

Jaime Facco

Sinfonia II a violoncello solo

Sebastián Durón

El blando susurro, Cuatro al Nacimiento del Senor

Juan Bautista Cabanilles

Tiento de Falsas


Canción a dos tiples

José de Torres

Christmas Cantata “Más no puede ser”



Juan Francés de Iribarren

Viendo que Gil hizo raya

Dates and Tickets

Mon, 10 Dec 2018, 20:00

Chamber Music Hall | Introduction: 19:00

Serie R


When Eduardo López Banzo goes looking for forgotten masterpieces of the Baroque era, he does not shy away from great distances. Much of what the harpsichordist, organist, conductor and music researcher, who was born in Saragossa in 1961, brings to light he found not in the archives of his Spanish homeland, but rather on the South American continent, in Guatemala or in Mexico. To bring what he has found to our ears in a historically appropriate way, the student of Gustav Leonhardt founded the vocal and instrumental ensemble Al Ayre Español (“in the Spanish way”) in 1988; its name refers to the title of a guitar fugue by the Aragonese composer Gaspar Sanz. In 2004 the musicians were awarded the Premio Nacional de Música from the Cultural Ministry of their home country – in recognition of more than 20 years of musicological precision and interpretation that sets standards.

“Delightful,” Berlin’s newspaper the Tagesspiegel wrote of the acclaimed Philharmonic debut of Al Ayre Español in late May 2012 in the Chamber Music Hall; that programme included works by Johann Sebastian Bach and José de Torres. Now Eduardo López Banzo is inviting you to a Baroque Spanish Christmas with the motto ¡Vaya pastores de fiesta! – again including works by José de Torres, whose oeuvre was appreciated in his day in Portugal, Great Britain and Italy, as well as the Christmas cantata “Nunca con más sosiego” by Juan Manuel de la Puente, who became music director at the cathedral in Andalusian Jaén when just 19 years of age.

Al Ayre Español (photo: Marco Borggreve)

Eduardo Lopez Banzo (photo: Marco Borggreve)