Vincent Peirani & Émile Parisien (photo: ACT Grosse Geldermann)

Chamber Music

Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic

Tango Night

In this tango night of the Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic series, the tango schools of South America and France meet. The concert opens with an outstanding ensemble from Buenos Aires, the Orquesta Típica “El Afronte”. It is characterised by the fact that it has internalised the classical tango as represented by Astor Piazzolla Tango Nuevo, but only plays its own, new compositions. In their own particular way, accordionist Vincent Peirani and the soprano saxophonist Émile Parisien, two rising stars of the French jazz scene, also devote themselves to the tango.

Orquesta Típica »El Afronte«

Javier Girotto Trio:

Javier Girotto baritone saxophone

Gianni Iorio Bandoneon

Alessandro Gwis piano and electronics

Émile Parisien saxophone

Vincent Peirani accordion

Tango Night

Curated by Siggi Loch

Dates and Tickets

Mon, 27 May 2019, 20:00

Philharmonie | Introduction: 19:00

Serie P


Argentina, Uruguay and France have been debating forever about where you can find the cradle of the tango, that passionate music that composer Enrique Santos Discépolo once called “a sad thought that is danced”. That will not play any role for the first Tango Night in the Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic series; here, the tango schools of South America and France will meet wholly in the present and in perfect harmony.

First of all, an outstanding ensemble from Buenos Aires will present itself: the Orquesta Típica “El Afronte”. They established their special status by indeed assimilating the classical tango embodied by Carlos Gardel and the tango nuevo represented by Astor Piazzolla, but playing solely their own new compositions. El Afronte’s regular instrumental group, consisting of cello, bass, piano, three violins and four bandoneons around the singer Marco Bellini, is writing new chapters in the “Great Songbook” of tango – publicly every Sunday on the Plaza Dorrego in Buenos Aires, and in the concert series Bendita-Milonga and Maldita-Milongain San Telmo.

Accordionist Vincent Peirani and soprano saxophonist Émile Parisien will take on the tango in their very own way. The two shooting stars of French jazz are among the great stylists of young European jazz; they have developed their unmistakeable style from the most varied musical elements and genres. And that includes the tango, just through references in French classical music, the musette and Sidney Bechet’s jazz.

Vincent Peirani & Émile Parisien (photo: ACT Grosse Geldermann)