mfb17_magazin_yun_01 (photo: Boosey & Hawkes, Bote & Bock, Berlin Archiv)

Musikfest Berlin

Ysang 100

Isang Chamber Soloists Berlin:

Chien-Chun Hung flute

Fang-Yu Chung flute

Xiangchen Ji flute

Laura Schreyer flute

Roswitha Staege flute

Birgit Schmieder oboe

Clemens Linder violin

Sunyung Hwang violin

Adele Bitter cello

Holger Groschopp piano

Chamber Concert

Isang Yun

Quartet for Flutes

Isang Yun

Glissées, 4 Pieces for Solo Cello

Isang Yun


Isang Yun

Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano

Isang Yun


A joint event of Berliner Festspiele/Musikfest Berlin and “Isang Yun 100. A Festival” of the International Isang Yun Society e. V.

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10719 Berlin

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A portrait of Isang Yun with his chamber music: the programme brings together works of various arrangements and different periods in the composer’s life. The size of the ensemble ranges from solo (Glissées) to duos (Gasa), trios and quartets (Images, Quartet). The pieces were written over a long period. Gasa dates back to 1963, when Yun was still living in divided Korea; Images was composed during his imprisonment by the South Korean intelligence service; Glissées and Trio were conceived in the 1970s, and Yun’s final chamber work, the oboe quartet, was written in 1994 for Heinz Holliger. This musical path leads from his immediate inspiration by Korean musical instruments, methods of playing and fine arts, all the way through to the compositions in which the two forces – the traditions of his native country and the experience of European modernism – are united in perfect synthesis.

mfb17_magazin_yun_01 (photo: Boosey & Hawkes, Bote & Bock, Berlin Archiv)