Stradivari Solisten Berlin (photo: Aya Yoshigoe)

Chamber Music

Wonderful Stradivari

It is impressive to hear a Stradivarius in concert – but it is even more impressive to experience a whole ensemble of instruments by the famous Cremonese violin maker. Thanks to the Philharmonic Stradivari Soloists Berlin who are provided with the precious violins every two years by a variety of loan institutions, Berlin audiences can regularly enjoy the sound of a string ensemble consisting of eleven Stradivari. The programme is designed to best show off the radiance of theses unique instruments.

Philharmonische Stradivari-Solisten Berlin

Wolfram Brandl violin

Zoltán Almási violin

Rüdiger Liebermann violin

Aleksandar Ivic violin

Christophe Horák violin

Christoph von der Nahmer violin

Luiz Felipe Coelho violin

Matthew Hunter viola

Walter Küssner viola

Knut Weber cello

Stephan Koncz cello

Janne Saksala double bass

Shalev Ad-El harpsichord

Works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, Stephan Koncz, Max Bruch and Antonio Vivaldi

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Stradivari Solisten Berlin (photo: Aya Yoshigoe)