Chamber Music

Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic

Magnus Lindgren flute, saxophone, direction

Henrik Janson guitar

Lars »Larry« Danielsson double bass

Daniel Karlsson keyboards

Ida Sand vocals and piano

Per Lindvall drums

Till Brönner trumpet

Stockholm Underground

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Wed, 20 Sep 2017, 20:00

Chamber Music Hall

Serie P


The new season of the concert series Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic begins with a tribute to the jazz flautist Herbie Mann. The title of the concert is inspired by the legendary 1969 album Memphis Underground, which the major specialized magazines still regard as one of the “100 best jazz albums”. The spirit of Herbie Mann’s relaxed Latin-based sound, inspired by his travels to Brazil, will be revived here by a group of Swedish musicians.

With Henrik Janson on guitar, Lars “Larry” Danielsson on bass guitar and Per Lindvall on drums, the original line-up of Nils Landgren’s Funk Unit is reunited – an ensemble which proved in the mid-1990s that groove and soul can also be played and developed by Europeans, not only by Americans. In addition, on keyboards there is Daniel Karlsson, who with his own trio as well as with Oddjob and in the band of e.s.t. drummer Magnus Öström, has proven to be a master of rhythm and melody. And finally, as a guest, the singer Ida Sand whose soulful voice perfectly fits the Herbie Mann programme.

However, the key figure in this project is Magnus Lindgren, a beacon on the Stockholm jazz scene. He is not only the best jazz flautist in Sweden, but also a saxophonist, composer and arranger, like Herbie Mann. Lindgren was, among other things, musical director of several of trumpeter Till Brönner’s projects, Germany’s most popular jazz musician – and as luck would have it, Brönner, who is known for his love of both grooving and Latin jazz-influenced music, also makes a guest appearance.

(photo: Fredrik Jonsson)