(photo: Margaretta Mitchell)

Chamber Music

Pre-Concert Talk

John Adams explains his music philosophy

John Adams, the Berliner Philharmoniker’s Composer in Residence, will provide insights into his creative process at this pre-concert talk. For the American composer, minimalism, the style of which Adams is a representative, has always served an emotional musical language that grows in a targeted way. He will explain his music philosophy using one of his key works: the enchanting piece Hallelujah Junction, performed by Majella Stockhausen and Holger Groschopp.

John Adams in conversation with

Susanne Stähr

Majella Stockhausen Piano

Holger Groschopp Piano

John Adams

Hallelujah Junction for two pianos

Admission free

Dates and Tickets

Please note: venue changed to Chamber Music Hall

Wed, 25 Jan 2017, 18:30

Chamber Music Hall

(photo: Margaretta Mitchell)