Musikfest Berlin

Hommage à Pierre Boulez

Pierre-Laurent Aimard Piano

Tamara Stefanovich Piano

Pierre Boulez

Douze Notations

Pierre Boulez

Première Sonate

Pierre Boulez

Deuxième Sonate

Pierre Boulez

Troisième Sonate

Pierre Boulez


Pierre Boulez

Une page dʼéphéméride

Pierre Boulez

Structures for two pianos, Deuxième Livre

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Mon, 12 Sep 2016, 19:00

Chamber Music Hall | Introduction: 18:00


“This piece is one of the monuments of piano literature. It is the work of a composer who was a pianist himself and who knew and understood his instrument extremely well. That is why he was able to radically transform the writing of music for this instrument. Due to Boulez’ permanent endeavours to renew himself, each work illustrate a further step on his path of creative exploration. And yet they all contain an effortless energy and creativity. This adventure of playing his entire works for solo piano, and finally, as the crowning piece, the second book of his Structures, marks one of my most intense experiences as a pianist. ”

Pierre-Laurent Aimard 2011

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