Christian Zehnder (photo: Scriptum/Angel Sanchez/Rafael Brand)

Chamber Music

Alpine Jazz

Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic: summit meeting with Andreas Schaerer and Christian Zehnder

Jazz meets folk music: with the motto Alpine Jazz artists come together on this evening in the series Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic – artists who ingeniously combine the musical traditions of their Swiss, Austrian or Bavarian homeland with jazz. The evening will be led by the vocal artist and Echo jazz prizewinner Andreas Schaerer from Berne and Swiss experimental singer Christian Zehnder. Other guests are the Graz organ grinder Matthias Loibner, the Innsbrucker Christof Dienz, Andreas Martin Hofmeir, tuba player from Munich and drummer and percussionist Gregor Hilbe from Basel.

Christian Zehnder Vocals and Wippkordeon

Rom Schaerer Eberle Trio:

Peter Rom Guitar

Andreas Schaerer Vocals and Human Beat Box

Martin Eberle Trumpet

Matthias Loibner Hurdy-Gurdy

Christof Dienz Zither

Andreas Martin Hofmeir Tuba

Gregor Hilbe Drums, Percussion and Electronics

Curated by Siggi Loch

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In the past 20 years, the rediscovery of European folk music traditions has led to a heyday in jazz – and not just in Scandinavia and France: there have also been strong, ground-breaking impulses from the Alpine region. A Swiss-Austrian-Bavarian evening in the Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic series shows the current state of what is – in every sense – a cross-border development. The central figure is the vocal artist and Echo jazz award winner Andreas Schaerer from Berne, who not only sings in all registers and styles, but can also imitate almost any instrument or sound, and do so in several parts and always with a sense of humour. In Berlin, he is accompanied by his established trio, with Austrians Martin Eberle on trumpet and Peter Rom on guitar.

Schaerer will encounter the other outstanding Swiss experimental singer for the first time in front of a large audience: Christian Zehnder was already interweaving Alpine tradition with world music and jazz in the 1990s with his Duo Stimmhorn, which deployed overtone singing and yodelling. Since then, Zehnder has immersed himself as singer, composer and director in a number of projects, including for theatre and film. Other guests are the experimental Graz organ grinder Matthias Loibner, Christof Dienz from Innsbruck, who rediscovered the zither, developing new playing techniques for it, as well as Andreas Martin Hofmeir, tuba player from Munich, an excellent classical musician (and professor at the “Mozarteum” in Salzburg) who became known as a member of the cult band La Brass Banda and is also successful as a cabaret artist.

Christian Zehnder (photo: Scriptum/Angel Sanchez/Rafael Brand)