Chamber Music

Unterwegs: World music

Due to illness, Roger Willemsen will unfortunately be unable to present the “Underway” concert series. The events will however take place as planned. We will inform you here once we know who is going to take over the presentation of the concerts. The third concert in the Unterwegs series is a journey through time to the 12th and 13th centuries, in which wandering minstrels travelled from one court, one castle to the next, offering their art. The ensembles Forabandit and Lo Còr de La Plana tie their music to the troubadours’ songs in very different ways, translating them into a modern and contemporary musical language.

N. N. Presentation


Sam Karpienia Mandocello, Bass Mandocello and Vocals

Ulaş Özdemir Bağlama, Bass Bağlama, Cura and Vocals

Bijan Chemirani Zarb, Daf and Percussion

Lo Còr de La Plana:

Manu Théron Vocals, Tambourine and Artistic Direction

Rodin Kaufmann Vocals and Tambourine

Benjamin Novarina-Giana Vocals and Tambourine

Denis Sampieri Vocals and Tambourine

Sébastien Spessa Vocals and Tambourine

Part 3: Underway with Provencal Troubadours

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The 12th and 13th centuries was the age of the wandering minstrels, troubadours who travelled from one court, one castle to the next, performing their artistry. Their songs, which they sang in Occitan, a Gallo-Romanic language, influenced all of European literature in the Middle Ages. This old southern French culture still fascinates today. A centre has been established in Marseille in recent years where various ensembles grapple with the troubadours’ poetry and music.

In the third concert in the Unterwegs series, two groups are presented that tie their music in to the songs of the Provençal troubadours in very different ways, translating them into a modern, contemporary musical language. In the group Forabandit, three musicians have come together who connect French troubadour sounds with the chants and songs of the Aşık, the wandering minstrels of Anatolia. The leader of the ensemble is Sam Karpienia, who not only has a powerful, expressive voice but also plays the mandocello. He is supported by Turkish singer and bağlama player Ulaş Özdemir and Iranian percussionist Bijan Chemirani.

Lo Còr de La Plana, in contrast, is an a cappella ensemble consisting only of men; they accompany their singing with tambourines, invoking the archaic sound worlds of Gregorian chant and Arabic music. Modern troubadours who will cast a spell on the audience with their performance, just as their role models did hundreds of years ago.

(c) Santi Oliveri