Philharmonic String Quartet

String Quartet

The Philharmonic String Quartet represents the young generation of Berliner Philharmoniker musicians: cosmopolitan, versatile and artistically passionate. In the winter of 2018, Helena Madoka Berg and Dorian Xhoxhi (violin) and Kyoung-Min Park (viola), young members of the Berliner Philharmoniker, founded a new quartet out of a dedicated desire to make music together in outstanding tonal quality and to delight their listeners. The musicians are aware that they have have a lot to live up to with the Philharmonic String Quartet: they are continuing the long tradition of Berliner Philharmoniker ensembles who perform chamber music at the highest level. Christoph Heesch (cello), who brings his experience as soloist, lends fresh impetus to this more intimate setting of music-making. The four musicians have each won various top-level competitions and have already participated in various chamber music formations.

The Philharmonic String Quartet provides them with the opportunity to create their very own musical expression. At the same time, they feel less committed to a specific style than to their virtuosity, agreeing with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: “... for we cherish all sorts of masters – both the ancient and the modern.”