Berlin Philharmonic Winds Soloists

Flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon

The Philharmonic Wind Soloists were formed about ten years ago by the Berliner Philharmoniker’s first-desk woodwind players. Here these soloists – Andreas Blau (principal flute), Albrecht Mayer (principal oboe), Wenzel Fuchs (principal clarinet), Stefan Schweigert (principal bassoon) and Radek Baborak (principal horn) – can put into practice on a small scale what they otherwise do in the work with the full orchestra. All of them have experience in chamber music from years of performing in various groups.

The Wind Soloists have appeared with great success not only in Berlin, but also throughout Germany and abroad, particularly in Japan. What distinguishes them from other ensembles is their emphasis on the timbral component of music-making. The group prefers a rounded, warm sound, which shows off its magnificent instruments to best advantage, while also bringing to interpretations a wide range of dynamics. The Wind Soloists’ repertoire embraces Classical compositions, the works of contemporary composers and interesting arrangements of familiar pieces.