The Athenaeum Quartet consists of long-time members of the Berliner Philharmoniker. Laurentius Dinca came to the orchestra as a first violinist in 1984. Stephan Schulze joined the second violins the year before. The viola player Walter Küssner and cellist Christoph Igelbrink have been Philharmonic players since 1989. Following its debut in 1990 in the Philharmonie’s Chamber Music Hall, the quartet launched its extensive concert activities in Germany and abroad, including tours to Japan, Italy, Austria and Portugal. The ensemble, which, in addition to the Classical-Romantic repertoire, has a special dedication to modern music, has been a guest at the Salzburg Easter Festival “Contrasts” series since 1995. Joined by four further Philharmonic colleagues, the members of the Athenaeum Quartet constitute the Philharmonia String Octet.