European concert in Bayreuth 2018

The European concert 2018 takes place in the newly renovated Margravial opera house of Bayreuth. This opera house is inscribed in the UNESCO world heritage list. Together with conductor Paavo Järvi and soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek we perform works by Beethoven and - of course - Richard Wagner.
Paavo Järvi
Principal horn Stefan Dohr
Principal timpanist Rainer Seegers
Strong women backstage: General manager Andrea Zietzschmann and moderator Petra Gute

01 May 2018

Second part of the concert

Monika Rittershaus had the chance to try out many perspectives.

A huge Thank You to Sabine Hacker and her team for the great organisation of this European concert. We are equally thankful to Fabian Kern, the former cultural referent of Bayreuth, for the idea to this concert and the imperturbable realization of this idea.

(Photo: Photos Monika Rittershaus)
Back to the roots: Principal oboist Albrecht Mayer in his home country
Manfred Preis, clarinet
The double bass group
Moderation before the second concert half with Petra Gute
Start of the second concert half with Beethoven's 4th symphony

01 May 2018


(Photo: Photos Monika Rittershaus)
Richard Wagner's Wesendonck Songs with Eva-Maria Westbroek and Paavo Järvi
Well deserved applause for soloist...
...conductor and orchestra

01 May 2018

First part of the concert

Principal cellist Bruno Delepelaire
(Photo: Photos Monika Rittershaus)
Principal flute Mathieu Dufour
The French horns...
...and the cello group tune backstage.
Two Austrians in Franconia: Eva-Maria Tomasi and Wenzel Fuchs

01 May 2018

Backstage before the concert

01 May 2018

In the foyer

Jesper Busk Sørensen and Monika Rittershaus made a stroll through the foyer.

Bayreuth's favourite food (Bratwurst) has been extended by Berlin and Dutch favourites. The only remaining question: Where is the Estonian version???
(Photo: private)
A very German tradition: the maypole

01 May 2018

Meanwhile in Bayreuth...

...everybody is prepared for everything.

(Photo: Photos Monika Rittershaus)
Always charming: moderator Petra Gute

01 May 2018

European concert live on TV

A good tradition: Our European concert is live on TV in many countries. A big thank you to our partners at RBB and EuroArts for making this possible.

Jesper Busk Sørensen
(Photo: Photos Monika Rittershaus)
Máté Szűcs at his last European concert with us...
...and Andre Schoch at his first European concert after succesfully getting tenure. Welcome!
Principal cellist Martin Löhr talking with principal viola Amihai Grosz

01 May 2018

On stage before the rehearsal

Stanley Dodds, member of our media board, who - together with the former referent for culture in Bayreuth Fabian Kern - had the idea for this concert.
Rainer Seegers, principal timpanist
Rachel Schmidt, 2. violin
Local beauty
Bettina Sartorius, 2. violin

01 May 2018

The Margravial Opera House in Bayreuth - rehearsal impressions Monika Rittershaus