Europakonzert 2023 in Barcelona and tour in Spain

This year's European concert finally takes the Berliner Philharmoniker to the legendary Sagrada Família in Barcelona after two years of waiting. The programme includes – befitting the venue – among others Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's “Coronation” mass, as well as Valentin Silvestrov's “Prayer for the Ukraine” and Tōru Takemitsu's Requiem for strings.

06 May 2023

Something feels pleasantly familiar ...

Backstage in Zaragoza

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05 May 2023

¡Gracias, Madrid!

We look back at two wonderful concerts

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04 May 2023

A small change of scene

Behind the scenes at the Auditorio Nacional de Música

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03 May 2023

A modernist dream

Second stop: the Palau de la Música

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02 May 2023

The last minutes ...

... before the Europakonzert

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01 May 2023

Majestic and aetherial

The Europakonzert 2023

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30 Apr 2023

We made it

Arrival and rehearsal at the Sagrada Família

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29 Apr 2023

5 questions for ... Louise Alder

Our soloist of the Europakonzert 2023

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27 Apr 2023

5 Facts about the Sagrada Família

A conversation piece for the concert interval

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24 Apr 2023

Mules on strike, nightly train rides and a musical marathon

The Berliner Philharmoniker in Spain

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(Photo: FOUNDATION Junta Constructora del Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família)

22 Apr 2023

Heavenly sand castles and fairytale sound spaces

The venues of the Europakonzert and the tour through Spain at a glance

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