12 Apr 2022

Master concerts III-VI

On 11 April, three chamber music concerts could be heard in Baden-Baden. We were even allowed to sneak into the dress rehearsal of the Venus Ensemble, of which you can hear a small excerpt above.

The Feininger Trio (Christoph Streuli, David Riniker and Adrian Oetiker) played works by Rachmaninov and Arensky in the Round Hall at the Kurhaus.

The Venus Ensemble (Hande Küden, Rachel Schmidt, Julia Gartemann, Solène Kermarrec and Johanna Pichlmair) played string quartets by Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich in the Malersaal of the Maison Messmer.

And in the Weinbrenner Hall, the Ensemble Berlin played works by Debussy, Prokofiev and Ravel.

The musicians on stage were Christoph Hartmann, Vaclav Vonàšek, Luiz Felipe Coelho, Bettina Sartorius, Walter Küssner, Clemens Weigel, Ulrich Wolff, Wenzel Fuchs, Egor Egorkin, Andrej Žust and Martin Stegner.


On 12 April, the Philharmonia Piano Trio (Philipp Bohnen, Nikolaus Römisch and Kyoko Hosono) played Peter Tchaikovsky's Trio in a minor op. 50 “à la memoire d'un grand artiste.”



© Photos: Monika Rittershaus