10 Apr 2022

Long live chamber music!

The first two chamber music concerts of the Easter Festival took place today in the historic Weinbrenner Hall at the Kurhaus Baden-Baden. In the first concert we heard Anton Rubinstein's Piano Quintet in g minor op. 99, played by Aleksandar Ivić, Anna Mehlin, Ignacy Miecznikowski, Solène Kermarrec and Özgür Aydın. We were even allowed to capture a brief instant of the dress rehearsal right before the concert.

© Photos: Monika Rittershaus

The musicians just an instant after the last notes of the piano quintet.

In the second concert of the day, we then heard Hans Werner Henze's Fantasia for Strings, as well as the String Sextet No. 1 in B flat major op. 18 by Johannes Brahms, interpreted by Cornelia Gartemann, Christoph von der Nahmer, Julia Gartemann, Martin von der Nahmer, Bruno Delepelaire and Knut Weber.