Robert Buchwald, Orchestra production manager
Enno Starkulla, stage hand
Michael Frohloff, stage hand
Daniel Beták, stage hand
Kirk Knobloch, extra stage hand
Annette Mangold, head of artistic planning
Elisabeth Hilsdorf, Head of PR
Our videoteam: Magdalena Zieba-Schwind, Christoph Franke and...
Jakob von Bernstorff
From our agency Askonas Holt: Donagh Collins,
Mette "she knows the way" Windberg Baarup,
Sergio Porto and...
Shiyi Wang
For our travel agency: Marco Weller
...and Aimee Nkouanga
Gustavo Dudamel's assistant Daniel Vielma
Our medical team: Christian Träder and his wife Judith
Relaxed: our physiotherapist Christian Wasdaris
And last but not least our photographer: Stephan Rabold

26 Nov 2018

Thank you to the team!

No tour without Background Team. This is the place to thank everybody involved for making this tour possible. 

All photos: Stephan Rabold