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We are looking for students for the vacancies listed below. Please send your complete application by the stated deadline. Invitations to audition or rejections will be issued only after this date. Unfortunately, it is not possible to deal with enquiries before then. The prescribed works listed in the announcement and invitation are all to be prepared.

Once an audition date is set, it will be announced immediately on this page.

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  • Graduate diploma from an institute of music, conservatory or equivalent (bachelor)
  • The maximum age for entry to the Academy is 27
  • Applicants under the age of 21 are requested to submit a letter of recommendation from their teacher or a member of the Berliner Philharmoniker which shows that they are already in the final stages of vocational preparation.

Application documents:

Applications should be only sent by post, fax or email

Sent by post or fax:
der Berliner Philharmoniker
Herbert-von-Karajan-Straße 1, 10785 Berlin
Fax +49 (0)30 254 88-289

Sent by email:

Electronic applications should only be submitted as pdf- or jpg-file and must not exceed the size of 1MB!

Elektronische Bewerbungsunterlagen bitte nur im PDF- oder JPG-Format schicken. Einladungen bzw. Absagen werden erst nach Ablauf der Bewerbungsfrist versandt. Reisekosten werden nicht erstattet.

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A position starting 1 November 2017
Audition: Tuesday,
13 September 2017, 3 am, Chamber Music Hall
Application deadline:
20 August 2017
Mozart's Third or Fourth Horn Concerto, together with either Strauss's First Horn Concerto or Hermann Neuling's Bagatelle; orchestral passages will be submitted to be sight-read.

Huberman Scholarship

The Huberman Scholarship is a special scholarship of the Karajan Academy of the Berliner Philharmoniker for young Israeli musicians. The same selection criteria apply for Huberman scholarship students as for all other Academy students. Young musicians under the age of 27 who are graduates of an institute of music, conservatory or equivalent and who hold Israeli citizenship are eligible to apply for a Huberman scholarship for one of the vacancies in the Karajan Academy.

Under the patronage of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Huberman scholarship was set up in 2008 in memory of the Polish-Jewish violinist Bronislaw Huberman (1882-1947). In keeping with its namesake, the aim of the scholarship is to contribute to better German-Israeli understanding on an artistic and personal level.

Interested parties should submit their applications to the Karajan Academy under the heading “Huberman”.