Nikolaus Römisch

Born in Berlin

Member since 2000-01-01


First prize in several »Jugend musiziert« (German national youth) competitions


Member of the Fünferrat (Council of Five; since 2005)

»For me as a Berliner playing with the Berliner Philharmoniker was always my dream job – during my school days I had the chance to hear the orchestra live under the great conductors of that time. Still, it took me four tries before finally being accepted.«

When Nikolaus Römisch was five, he met a girl ten years older than himself on a family holiday. She played the cello and Nikolaus was so impressed that he wanted to learn the instrument himself. During the course of his training he was a pupil of Reinhild Oelmüller, Dietmar Schwalke, Wolfgang Boettcher and Ivan Monighetti.

From 1986 to 1990 he played in the Bundesjugendorchester (German national youth orchestra) and in the European Community Youth Orchestra from 1990 to 1996, when he was engaged by the Orchestra of Berlin’s Deutsche Oper. Three years later he came to the Berliner Philharmoniker and also became a member of the »12 Cellists«. In his free time Römisch, who in 1998 was selected for participation in the German Music Council’s »Young Artists’ Concerts«, enjoys sport most of all. He’s a member of Philharmonic football team, goes diving and plays squash.

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