Markus Weidmann

Born in Mainz

Member since 1997-09-01

“I think it's great to play in an orchestra at such a high artistic level and to experience such a friendly work atmosphere. It is also very important point for me that we, compared to some other major orchestras, work a lot with an outstanding chief conductor and also some equally outstanding guest conductors. This diversity at the highest level is something I very much appreciate.”

Markus Weidmann received his first bassoon lessons at the age of eleven. Later he studied with Klaus Thunemann at the Hanover Musikhochschule. From 1993-95 he was a scholar of the Berliner Philharmoniker’s Orchestra Academy, studying with Stefan Schweigert. Before being engaged by the orchestra in 1997, Weidmann played in ensembles including the European Union Youth Orchestra, the Kiel Philharmonic Orchestra and the Southwest German Philharmonic of Konstanz. As a chamber player he has appeared with the Gutenberg Ensemble and the Philharmonic Octet. When the Berliner Philharmoniker is on tour, Markus Weidmann, a keen photographer, contributes photos to the tour blog which capture the special and extraordinary moments of their travels.