Jesper Busk Sørensen

Born in Grenaa (Denmark)

Member since 2009-09-01


Prizewinner of the International Trombone Festival (2002)

“In my first concert with the Berliner Philharmoniker we played Ein Heldenleben. It was so amazing to be sitting right in the middle of this fantastic orchestra. I can remember how the first note in the orchestra sounded, and it still gives me goosebumps. As second trombone, it’s my job to balance the low brass section by backing up the principal trombone and the bass trombone.”

Jesper Busk Sørensen’s first instrument was the euphonium, but he decided to take up the trombone, because he loved its warm, opulent tone and because he was so taken with its versatility as one of the most powerful yet also mellowest instruments of the orchestra. He studied with Niels-Ole Bo Johansen, Rolf Sandmark and Jesper Juul at the Royal Music Academy in Århus.

His first professional engagement was in 2002 as second trombone – later becoming first – of the Århus Symfoniorkester. In addition, he undertook further training with Chicago Symphony Orchestra trombonist Michael Mulcahy at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. As a chamber player, Sørensen is a member of the Danske Basunkvartet (Danish Trombone Quartet), which has given the world premiere of several contemporary works. The musician, a member of Berlin Philharmonic Brass, enjoys travel and also a special interest in architecture and design.

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