Aline Champion

Born in Genf

Member since 2000-09-01

»It’s a great honour for me to be a Berlin Philharmonic player. This kind of music making, in which both individuality and personality are required, I find unique.«

As a four-year-old she gazed out of the window of her kindergarten and was fascinated by the violin lessons going on in the next building. Her fondest wish was to join in. Her parents tried to interest her in the piano or flute instead, but Aline Champion remained insistent and so, at the age of five, she began playing the violin. At twelve she was accepted into the »Classes supérieures« at the Geneva Conservatoire – as the youngest student to date. The same year she made her solo debut at Geneva’s Victoria Hall.

Following her training in Switzerland the violinist undertook a course of study in Utrecht and completed it with distinction. Aline Champion was Konzertmeister in the WDR (Cologne Radio) Symphony Orchestra before joining the first violin section of the Berliner Philharmoniker. Since her youth Aline Champion has been an active chamber-music player. She is a member of the ensemble »The Swiss of the Berlin Philharmonic«.