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15 years Digital Concert Hall

In the recording studio of the Digital Concert Hall
(Photo: Stefan Höderath)

The Digital Concert Hall, the Berliner Philharmoniker’s exclusive streaming portal, is celebrating its 15th anniversary this season. Over the centuries, the Berliner Philharmoniker have taken a variety of paths to reach its audience – in addition to live performances in Berlin, the orchestra travelled to reach a wider audience from its early days onwards. Pioneering recordings on sound carriers, early telephone broadcasts and later radio and television programmes spread their concerts all over the world. Perhaps the most significant milestone in this development to date, however, is the Digital Concert Hall, which has been online since the 2008/09 season, giving music fans around the world access to Berliner Philharmoniker concerts at any time.

Today, the Digital Concert Hall not only offers weekly livestreams, but also houses an extensive archive, interviews and documentary films. The platform successfully navigated the challenges of the coronavirus crisis, maintaining close contact with the audience and continuing to develop both artistically and technically. Discover the background and offers surrounding the anniversary on this page.

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Anniversary broadcast “15 years of the Digital Concert Hall”

The highlight of the anniversary season will be a special programme in which members of the orchestra and experts from the Digital Concert Hall will talk about the creation of the platform. The Digital Concert Hall was born in 2008 from an “adventurous and frankly pretty crazy idea,” according to principal cellist and founder Olaf Maninger. Presenter and horn-player Sarah Willis, other members of the Berliner Philharmoniker and guests provide entertaining insights, retrospective views, and outlooks for the future of the platform with musical highlights from the last 15 years. The programme was broadcast on 6 January and can now be watched in the archive.

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What the Digital Concert Hall offers

The Digital Concert Hall enables music enthusiasts around the world to experience Berliner Philharmoniker concerts live - through a variety of devices (smart TV, streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV or Chromecast, on your smartphone as an app or simply via your browser). In addition to the live broadcasts, the platform provides access to a rich archive of past performances. This allows you to catch up on concerts at a later date and to immerse yourself in the historical diversity of the repertoire. The Digital Concert Hall also offers exclusive insights into orchestral life through interviews with renowned musicians, background documentaries and additional artistic content.

If you are registering for the first time, you can test the platform for 7 days free of charge. If you like, you can buy one-off access for limited periods (7 days, 30 days, 12 months) or take out a monthly subscription that can be cancelled. You can find all information about access here


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