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Georg Hilser

Born in Schramberg (Baden-Württemberg)

Member since 1976-09-01

Georg Hilser

»For many aspiring musicians, playing with the Berliner Philharmoniker is a dream. That’s how it was then with me, too – and still is! Even if it sounds a bit pompous to say it: I’m proud to be a member of this orchestra. I enjoy so many things about our work: even if I’ve played a particular work – say, Brahms’s Second Symphony – countless times, it’s always exciting under a different conductor, never boring. Furthermore, I love making new instrumental demands on myself each day and giving the audience a memorable evening with our concert.«

Because the band in his hometown of Mariazell was short of a trumpeter, Georg Hilser was given an instrument and began playing it – at first without lessons. Later he studied at the conservatories in Trossingen and Cologne. He also attended the Northwest Musikakademie (now the Detmold Hochschule für Musik) and the Richard Strauss Conservatory in Munich, where he was a pupil of Helmut Schneidewind and Rolf Quinque. While still a student, he acquired his first professional experience in the spa orchestra of Wildbad, in the Münster Municipal Theatre and the Cologne Opera.

He took his first permanent position in 1972 in the Bonn Beethoven Orchestra, moving to the Berliner Philharmoniker in 1976. Georg Hilser, who played in the Bayreuth Festival Orchestra in 1982 and 1983 and has made recordings with Ludwig Güttler and German Brass, is also a member of the Berlin Philharmonic Brass Ensemble. He finds relaxation from his musical work in his family, walking, bicycle tours and travelling in a camper (RV).

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