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Andreas Wittmann

Born in Munich, Bavaria

Member since 1986-09-01


First prize in the German national competition »Jugend musiziert« (1977)


Fünferrat (Council of Five) (1996-2000), Orchestra Board (2000-2005 and 2008-2012)

Andreas Wittmann

»It has been my dream since childhood to be able to play in this orchestra. I am so grateful that this has become a reality.«

Andreas Wittmann had his first encounter with the oboe during a stop in Salzburg en route to Italy. It was there with his parents that he passed the Festspielhaus while someone was practising near an open window. To Andreas’s question, what instrument was being played, his father answered that it was an oboe. A little later his parents gave him a recording of Mozart’s Oboe Concerto. That settled the choice of instruments for Andreas Wittmann, and at the age of twelve he had his first lessons.

He began his professional training in 1978 with Manfred Clement at the Munich Musikhochschule, continuing in 1981 with Hansjörg Schellenberger at Berlin’s Hochschule der Künste, where he took his final examination in 1985. A scholarship to the Berliner Philharmoniker’s Academy followed in 1985 and then his engagement by the orchestra in 1986. In 1988 with four of his colleagues he founded the Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet.

He also performs regularly as principal oboist in the Bayreuth Festival Orchestra and appears as a soloist, chamber musician and teacher in Germany and abroad; he is now an instructor himself in the Orchestra Academy. Andreas Wittmann enjoys going to the theatre and has a deep interest in painting, particularly Japanese calligraphy.

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