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Chamber Music

Roger Willemsen Presentation and Programme Supervision

Christian Brückner Speaker

Faraualla Vocal Quartet

Banda di Ruvo

Livio Minafra Piano

Michele di Puppo Direction

Pino Minafra Direction and Composition

Part 3: Underway in the Mediterranean: Passione e Morte – Musical Farewell Rituals in Southern Italy


Wed, 13 Mar 2013 8 p.m.



2013-03-13 – Unterwegs (KMS)

Mourning rituals play a significant role in southern Italy. The focus is always on the music, whose soulfulness gives expression to the grief, such as can be heard in the songs of Semana Santa all over the Mediterranean. Here, as in the songs in the style of the Apulian “Pleureuses” – that is, those female mourners who give voice to the mourning at funerals – the music unites the feelings of communities and gives them individuality. In the first part of this concert, Banda di Ruvo, originally from Apulia, plays music by southern Italian composers inspired by the Holy Week processions. This will be followed by the vocal quartet Faraualla singing songs from Semana Santa, and in the third part, Banda and the vocal quartet will together perform Pino Minafra's Madonna Nera under the baton of the composer.

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