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Chamber Music

Roger Willemsen Presentation and Programme Supervision

Christian Brückner Speaker

Sheikh Taha:

Taha Mousa Gad Ali Sufi Singer

Ali Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim Violin

El Sayed Fahmy Hussein Saad Oud

Ahmed Abdel Nabby Ahmed Khali Qawal

Aboubakr Mohamed Mourad Migally Duff

Elhamy Mohamed Mourad Migally Riqq

Houria Aïchi & L'Hijâz'Car:

Houria Aïchi Chant

Grégory Dargent Oud

Etienne Gruel Percussion

Jean-Louis Marchand Clarinet

Antony Gatta Percussion

Nicolas Beck Tarhu and Hajouj

Part 1: Underway through the Arab Spring


Mon, 12 Nov 2012 8 p.m.



What began in December 2010 in Tunisia soon spread to many countries in northern Africa and the Near East: protests, insurgencies and rebellions unsettled the autocratic systems of the region, whereby the rapid political upheaval in Egypt, the most populous Arab state, early in 2011 came as a complete surprise for many observers. In his series Unterwegs (Underway), Roger Willemsen invites us on a musical journey through the Arab spring.

In countries like Tunisia and Egypt, ancient music traditions are being discovered anew and revived – traditions that date back to the Arab conquest of northern Africa and were influenced by the music of medieval Spain. Their roots, however, are considerably older, since already in 3000 BCE the ancient Egyptians had the most varied of harps, lutes, lyres, the Pharaonic double flute the kawala, fifes, tambourine, drums and the kanun.

Even today it is primarily the “exotic” instruments that give oriental music its unmistakable sound: the oud (lute), the ney (flute), the mezoued (bagpipes), the darbouka (drum), riqq (tambourine) and the kanun (zither). Of course, Arab music also differs significantly in melodic structure and rhythm from European archetypes. On the lively music scene of our time, old songs and the traditional instruments are encountering present-day instruments, leading to an exciting mixture, particularly in the generally energised atmosphere.


25 Years of the Chamber Music Hall

The 2012/2013 season is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Chamber Music Hall. Discover its history, music and more.

25 Years of the Chamber Music Hall

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