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They appear in programmes with outlandish titles on the order of Wine, Woman, Hammer and Tong, Brahms’s Menagerie and Waltzes von der Vogelweide, and they have one sole objective: a frontal attack on their audience’s laugh muscles. The members of Lachmusik look for the bright and breezy side of Serious Music and elevate it to a high musical – indeed a Philharmonic – level (which, according to one participant – and he ought to know – can always go even higher).

Four Berlin Philharmonic musicians and one Munich conductor indulge their penchant for wit, satire and irony, delighting us with their unconventional, unexpected take on the tried and true. Revelling in the notoriously unserious, the ensemble isn’t troubled by an occasional infidelity – at least as far as their instruments are concerned: the bassoonist will occasionally pick up an accordion, the viola player a mandolin, while the horn player metamorphoses into a poet to characterize the group with a rhyme.

Cabaret – crazy muse
Mozart, Dittersdorf, Auric…
Always b
ox-office queues –
In a nutshell: LACHMUSIK.

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