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The Listening Studio

In the listening studio, presented by musicologist Franziska Noack, musicians discuss life in the Berliner Philharmoniker. Over 90 minutes, they respond to questions from the audience, relate interesting and curious facts about their instrument and the music composed for it, and provide an insight into life as a professional musician.

The Berliner Philharmoniker in conversation

This season, Franziska Noack plays host to three musicians from very different instrument groups. Violist Martin Stegner has two musical passions: Classical music as an orchestral musician, and as a chamber musician, he indulges his love of jazz. Oboist Christoph Hartmann, on the other hand, has a bike shop in addition to his day job as a member of the orchestra, and has even developed his own bicycle brand. Horn player Fergus McWilliam, a member of the orchestra for almost 30 years, played in several orchestras before he found his artistic home with the Berliner Philharmoniker. The Scot has introduced many of his colleagues to the joys of Scottish malt whisky.

Admission to the listening studio is free.

Franziska Noack in conversation with Martin Stegner

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