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The creative projects MusicPLUS, which are always based on works in the current orchestral repertoire, enable a variety of approaches to the world of classical music. The ways there are diverse, creative and interdisciplinary. Whether in their own compositions or through working with other art forms, the workshops allow participants to discover their own artistic expression. The simple and direct exploration of the respective work including its cultural and historical aspects culminates in the participants’ own paintings and compositions.

Diverse, creative, and interdisciplinary

The MusicPLUS projects are aimed primarily at school students and are led by music educators, members of the Berliner Philharmoniker and artists from a variety of fields. The reward for their efforts: At the end of the project there is always a final public presentations in and beyond the Philharmonie, which allows the participants to share their new experiences with family, friends and interested parties.


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Musikinstrumenten-Museum SIM-PK, Curt-Sachs-Saal


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MusikPLUS - Echoes of Home

Students of the Erika Mann Primary School (Berlin)

Martin Stegner Viola and Direction

Nina Erfle Stage Direction and Direction of Film Workshops

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