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EXPLORE CLASSICAL MUSIC! is an education initiative of the Berliner Philharmoniker. It aims to give young people and students around the world access to Classical music - regardless of social background.

For this purpose, 500 schools and universities per year are provided with access to the Digital Concert Hall, the virtual concert hall of the Berliner Philharmoniker. The extensive concert archive of the Digital Concert Hall features outstanding recordings of masterpieces of musical history and offers the opportunity to convey music both acoustically and visually in the classroom.

In autumn 2015, the 4th round of EXPLORE CLASSICAL MUSIC! was launched. From all the applications submitted by teachers, lecturers and professors from around the world, 500 applications were drawn randomly, and received a free one-year license worth 750 euros to use in their teaching.

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Take a look into the classrooms

Our gallery shows teachers and students from around the world watching and listening to the concerts of the Berliner Philharmoniker.

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Video Preview

Welcome video

Andrea Tober explains how you can participate in the project. Watch video

Video Preview

The Digital Concert Hall

The Digital Concert Hall in 80 seconds. Watch video

Quotes from participating schools and universities

“... As a music teacher, specially of history of music, is the most valuable experience to ilustrate all our lectures with the performances of the greatest and the best orchestra in the world! I thank you so much for this opportunity to enriching our teaching possibilities!”

Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, Brazil


“... En definitiva, creo que es fantástico poder compartir este proyecto que mediante cables, señales, ceros, unos, ... nos permite disfrutar de la música, soslayando esos casi mil ochocientos kilómetros que nos separan físicamente pero no intelectualmente...”

Conservatorio de Música de León, Spain


“... This has been my students' favorite thing to do this year in music class. I teach elementary school (ages 5-10), and they love watching such a fantastic orchestra. It's been useful in so many ways...”

Burnham Wood Charter School District, Texas, USA


“It is very popular. I offer a "Friday Afternoon Listening Club" where the students and I pick a major work and introduce it with a short lecture, then show the piece from a DCH performance on a large classroom projector.”

University of Maine School of Performing Arts, Maine, USA


“... Can't believe the impact this is having on music-making in the West of Ireland. It allows us all at the school to feel much less "cut-off" from the great tradition!”

Limerick School of Music, Ireland

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