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Family Concert – The Jazz Cap

Martin Stegner Viola

Esko Laine Double Bass

Manfred Preis Clarinet

Raphael Haeger Piano

Helmut Nieberle Guitar

Juri Tetzlaff Narrator

Janet Kirsten Stage Design

Recommended for kids aged 8 to 12

Dates and Tickets

Sat, 24 Jan 2015 3 p.m.

Chamber Music Hall

Sat, 24 Jan 2015 5 p.m.

Chamber Music Hall


Young Max is passionate about playing viola; music by Mozart in particular simply flows from his fingers. One day he meets old Mr Stegnelli and suddenly hears completely different music: an instrument that plays intricate melodies never heard before – is that perhaps jazz music? Thunderstruck, Max exclaims enthusiastically: “I’d like to be able to play like that too!” And asks himself in the same breath: “But how?” No sheet music anywhere. A secret that he can only listen to as if under a spell. The next day the old man is no longer to be heard anywhere – he has simply vanished. Only the cap he was wearing still lies there as if lost in a dream. The adventures Young Max experiences with the jazz cap are told here in music and in words.

Family Concert – The Jazz Cap

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