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Chamber Music

Baroque arias and string music with Concerto Melante and Nuria Rial

In the Concerto Melante, members of the Berliner Philharmoniker reach for historical instruments to bring early music to life. Together with soprano Nuria Rial, the musicians have put together a programme in which – besides Baroque sonatas and concerti for string ensemble – sacred arias by Georg Friedrich Händel and Giovanni Battista Pergolesi will be performed.

Concerto Melante playing historical instruments

Nuria Rial (replacing Christine Schäfer) Soprano

Domenico Gallo

Sonata a quattro for strings and continuo No. 9 in D minor Première

George Frideric Handel

»Salve Regina«, Salve Regina, Antiphon for soprano, two violins, cello and organ HWV 241

Giuseppe Torelli

Concerto for four violins, strings and continuo in A minor

George Frideric Handel

Haec est Regina virginum , Antiphon for soprano, strings and continuo HWV 235

Domenico Gallo

Sonata a quattro for strings and continuo No. 2 in F major Première

Domenico Gallo

Sonata a quattro for strings and continuo No. 4 in G minor Première

George Frideric Handel

O qualis de coelo sonus, Motet for soprano, two violins and continuo HWV 239

George Frideric Handel

Sonata a 5 for violin, strings and continuo in B flat major HWV 288

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi

Salve Regina, Antiphon for soprano, strings and continuo in C minor

Dates and Tickets

Tue, 16 Jun 2015 8 p.m.

Chamber Music Hall

Introduction: 7:00 pm


Hats off to you, Mister Handel! You’ve made it from being a hot-headed violinist and harpsichordist at the Hamburg Opera at the Gänsemarkt, one definitely not averse to drawing his sword against his competitor, to a dignified position as Kapellmeister to a successful operatic entrepreneur in London. An astonishing career, unprecedented at the time, that began – you remember it well, no doubt! – during several years of residence in Italy. Immediately after your debut as an opera composer in Hamburg, you travelled the native country of opera. In Venice, Florence, Naples and Rome you not only exchanged ideas with your Italian colleagues, but also wrote operas and oratorios that showed both your great adaptability and your distinctive personal style. They called you “il caro Sassone” back then. The Venetian premiere of your Agrippina was an event of which they took notice even at the courts in Hanover and London.

What a stroke of luck that you entered the service of Prince-Elector George Ludwig of Hanover in 1710 as Kapellmeister, for four years later your employer was crowned George I, King of Great Britain. The rest is history! But this concert with Nuria Rial and the Ensemble Concerto Melante, played on the instruments of your time, is not dedicated to your London triumphs, but rather your years in Italy, which artistically were no less productive. All the nicer that in this concert dedicated to you they will also play music by your Italian colleagues Domenico Gallo, Pietro Antonio Locatelli, Giuseppe Torelli and Giovanni Battista Pergolesi. Bravo, Signore Handel!

Nuria Rial
Original Sounds  – Baroque soundscapes

Original Sounds – Baroque soundscapes

The artists and ensembles of the concert series

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