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Guest Performance

IMZ Film Series

Performing Arts Filme – Highlights 2013

5.30 p.m. PRIVATE I’S A dance film investigating the boundaries of masculinity and the forces operating on the male body - Choreographer: Dana Ruttenberg, Director: Oren Shkedy, Production company: ScreensArts, Israel

5.55 p.m. LA BOHÈME, ACT IV An entirely new interpretation elevating La Bohème to truly new heights - Stage Director: Stefan Herheim, TV Director: Stein-Roger Bull, Production company: NordicStories, Norway

6.30 p.m. IN BETWEEN - ISANG YUN IN SOUTH AND NORTH KOREA A documentary exploring whether music can overcome the boundaries of a divided country - Director: Maria Stodtmeier, Production company: ACCENTUS Music GmbH & Co. KG, Germany 2013

8 p.m. Max Richter VIVALDI RECOMPOSED – ONE NIGHT IN BERLIN Max Richter’s post-classical idiom draws inspiration from influences like electronic music, punk, club music or psychedelic rock - Presented by C Major Entertainment. In the presence of composer Max Richter.

Dates and Tickets

Mon, 10 Feb 2014 5.30 p.m.

Hermann Wolff Room


IMZ- Internationale Musik + Medienzentrum

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La Bohème

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