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Piotr Anderszewski – Restless Wanderer

Film by Bruno Monsaingeon (France 2009)

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Wed, 15 Jan 2014 6 p.m.



The Polish pianist Piotr Anderszewski (born in 1969) once said in an interview that he is rather lazy by nature, that he does not play piano every day and that he stands by a restricted repertoire: “I try to do what I believe I play well and that I am confident of. [...] I believe these days that’s a big problem in classical music: to expect that everyone plays everything. You have to be good at Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, contemporary music.” For Anderszewski each interpretation is a journey of exploration: “What is most fun is dancing with the unknown; every time there’s something completely new to discover; this provides an endless number of possibilities.” In his recordings you can hear the young pianist’s joy in discovering what is new in the familiar. The French music documentary filmmaker Bruno Monsaingeon has devoted an unconventional portrait to the unusual musician, a film on the borderline between documentation and fiction. Most of the film is set in a train carriage, which seems even smaller given the fact that Anderszewski’s grand piano is there to practice on. The modern “winter journey” leads through sometimes snowy landscapes in Poland and Hungary to the tour’s major concert venues: Budapest and Warsaw. Anderszewski speaks of his Polish-Hungarian origins, his childhood, his passion for perfection, about the music of Chopin, Brahms and first and foremost Mozart and his Magic Flute, which he holds in particularly high esteem and is always quoting in conversation. The film is a romantic journey, told like a road movie.


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