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In the Garden of Sounds

Documentary by Nicola Bellucci (Switzerland 2012)

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Wed, 04 Dec 2013 6 p.m.



In the Garden of Sounds is a portrait of the musician, soundscape artist and therapist Wolfgang Fasser, who went blind as a youth because of an illness. As a blind man he discovered the “light” and power of the sounds of nature and instruments. Fasser lives in the remoteness of the Tuscan village of Casentino, and works with severely handicapped children in his workshop for musical improvisation. Nicola Bellucci accompanied Fasser for two years, observing. We see him as he copes with everyday life, with his life and work, how he helps others, treating them or “simply” dealing with them empathically. We also experience him, however, on his nocturnal rambles with his tape recorder capturing “sound landscapes”. As a child he could see but he didn’t see correctly, Fasser himself says. He finds it tremendously fascinating “to look at his surroundings with his ears”. The longer he listens, the sharper the image. His blindness opened up a new world to him. He even declares: “I don’t have the impression that I don’t see – after all, I hear.” Music is for him a “comforting bridge to reality”. In his quiet film about seeing and listening and about the power of music, Nicola Bellucci takes time to tell, opening the listeners’ eyes and ears. The film impresses through image, sound and music, the Süddeutsche Zeitung judged: “It’s the pictures that get under your skin, because they’re not sensational or voyeuristic, but rather quiet, haunting – and touching.”


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