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Orchestra Academy of the Berliner Philharmoniker

Academy III - Classical

Paul Hindemith

Sonata for 10 instruments, fragment

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Flute Quartet in D major K. 285

Igor Stravinsky

Octet for winds

Antonín Dvořák

Serenade for winds in D minor

Dates and Tickets

Mon, 26 May 2014 8 p.m.

Philharmonie Foyer

Orchestra Academy


The fact that there is no way around Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was recognised early on by the composer’s contemporaries as well as by posterity. “Mozart was the greatest musical genius that ever lived,” said even Joseph Haydn, who after all was still, to an extent, one of Mozart's competitors: “If he had been to London before me, it would have been in vain to go because nothing stands against the compositions of Mozart.” Half a century later, Gioacchino Rossini raised his hat to the “master of masters” – in the firm belief he had discovered the secret of Mozart’s genius: “The Germans have always been at every time the greatest harmonists and the Italians the greatest melodists. But from the moment the North produced a Mozart, we of the South were beaten on our own ground, because this man rises above both nations, uniting in himself all the charms of Italian melody and all the profundity of German harmony, as is apparent in his ingenious and richly developed harmony.” In 1944, and in a more philosophical vein, Richard Strauss described Mozart’s melodies – lumping Kant, Plato and Schopenhauer all together – as “the thing in itself”, poised “between heaven and earth, [...] liberated from the ‛will’.” In this concert, the students of the Orchestra Academy examine the tremendous effect Mozart’s music had on subsequent generations of composers with a programme of selected chamber works, and ponder the question: “What is classical?”

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