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Anna Pikulska Organ

Stefan Dohr

Johann Sebastian Bach

Organ Concerto in A minor BWV 593 (after the Concerto for two violins in A minor RV 522 by Antonio Vivaldi)

Emmanuel Chabrier

Larghetto for horn and orchestra (arr. for horn and organ)

Felix Mendelssohn

Prelude and Fugue in F minor op. 35 No. 5 (transcr. Christoph Bossert)

Paul Dukas

Villanelle for horn and piano (Version for horn and organ)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Allegro and Andante for a mechanical organ in F minor K. 608

Olivier Messiaen

Appel interstellaire from Des canyons aux étoiles ...

Louis Vierne

Finale from the Symphony for solo organ No. 3

Gaston Litaize

Triptyque for horn and organ

Dates and Tickets

Sun, 08 Dec 2013 12 p.m.

Chamber Music Hall Foyer

Introduction: 11:15 am


In his famous Treatise on Instrumentation, Hector Berlioz remarked that compared to a full-scale symphony orchestra, the organ itself had the greater effect: “The organ and the orchestra are both Kings, or rather one is Emperor and the other Pope [...].” As such, the organ is capable of expressing the “serious, the grand, the calm accent, either suppliant or contemplative,” as well as “awe and dread” – ranges of expression which can also be found in Mozart’s Fantasy for mechanical organ K. 608 which, according to Ignaz von Seyfried, deserves “a place at the top of the list of masterpieces by the immortal Mozart”, and whose beginning includes a “terribly wild Allegro” of almost unsurpassed virtuosity. Anna Pikulska, who passed her concert exam with distinction at the Mainz School of Music in 2012, will perform this fantasy in addition to other works by Johann Sebastian Bach at her Philharmonic matinee concert. Together with Stefan Dohr, the young Polish organist will also perform the highly virtuoso Villanelle for horn and organ by Paul Dukas and Emmanuel Chabrier’s melancholy Larghetto for horn and organ. The Berliner Philharmoniker’s principal horn player will further demonstrate his abilities in Olivier Messiaen’s Appel interstellaire from Des canyons aux étoiles. The conclusion of this exciting programme takes the form of excerpts from Louis Vierne’s Third Organ Symphony – including the triumphant Toccata finale – and Triptyque by Vierne’s pupil Gaston Litaize.


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