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Chamber Music

Roger Willemsen Presentation and Programe Supervision

Christian Zehnder Musical Direction, Stage Direction, Voice, Global-Jodeling and Wippkordeon

Anton Bruhin Trümpi (Electromagnetic Jew’s Harp)

Arkady Shilkloper Alphorn

Albin Brun Schwyzerörgeli and Soprano Saxophone

Marc Unternährer Tuba

Matthias Loibner Hurdy Gurdy

Nadja Räss Yodeler

Members of the Berliner Philharmoniker

Aline Champion Violin, Christophe Horak Violin, Madeleine Carruzzo Viola, David Riniker Cello, Janne Saksala Double Bass

Part 2: Underway in Europe’s Alpine Landscapes

Further information on this concert to be announced.

Dates and Tickets

Wed, 11 Dec 2013 8 p.m.

Philharmonie Foyer


Roger Willemsen’s journey leads to Europe’s alpine landscapes at this concert in the Unterwegs series. In recent years musically astonishing and surprising things have been happening there: musicians from eccentric, isolated mountain valleys and alpine metropolises between Slovenia and Occitania have embarked on a search for innovative alp tones. Keen on experimenting, they have taken up the rich melodic rhythmic traditions of this significant cultural region of Europe in an unbridled and imaginative way to invent new forms of sound. With the typical instruments like dulcimer, concertina and zither, but most notably with the human voice a pioneering awakening is taking place there in European music. Particularly the alpine art of singing – be it in dialect or with critical distance and abstract natural yodelling – is addressing itself to the musical utopia of an imaginary home between an urban and archaic cultural landscape. The current themes can be found not only at the foot of the mountains, but also amidst the conflicting priorities of today’s alpine living environments between tourism and ecology, between globalisation and migration. The new generation of alpine musicians addresses universal feelings and topics with virtuosity, humour and improvisation skills, with a joy in experimentation and playing. In the face of overwhelming sadness or wildness, one is amazed at the further developments of old songs, at the sounds and noises of today’s alpine landscapes and the delicate filigree natural tones of the alpenhorn and Jew’s harp.

Unterwegs – Weltmusik mit Roger Willemsen

Unterwegs – Weltmusik mit Roger Willemsen

Musikalische Reisen rund um den Globus

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