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Chamber Music

The 14 Berlin Flutists

Klaus Wallendorf Presentation

Antonín Dvořák

Serenade for winds in D minor (arr. Christiane Hupka)

Antonio Vivaldi

Winter from The Four Seasons (arr. Werner Tast)

Emil Nikolaus von Reznicek

Overture to Donna Diana (arr. Christiane Hupka)

Gotthard Odermatt

Sternbilder-Suite Première commissioned by the Berliner Philharmoniker Foundation

Gotthard Odermatt

Engelbert Humperdinck

Abendsegen from Hänsel und Gretel (arr. Christiane Hupka)

Johann Sebastian Bach

Sinfonia from the 2nd Part of the Christmas Oratorio (arr. Christiane Hupka)

Hugh Martin/Ralph Blane

»Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas« (arr. Wolfgang Köhler)

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

From The Nutcracker: Waltz of Flowers (arr. Christiane Hupka) and No. 12d Candy Canes (arr. Joachim Schmeißer)

Dates and Tickets

Sun, 22 Dec 2013 4 p.m.

Philharmonie Foyer

Introduction: 3:00 pm


It is amazing how nuanced flutes can sound and what idiosyncratic yet sensuous combinations of timbre they can reveal: The 14 Berliner Flötisten (the 14 Berlin Flutes), founded in 1996 by Berliner Philharmoniker principal flautist Andreas Blau, attend their concerts with the full range of the flute family – from the tiny piccolo, to large alto and bass flutes, to the double contrabass flute with a total length of 5.12 metres! The repertoire of this unique ensemble, which consists of flautists from several Berlin orchestras, ranges from works of the early Baroque to contemporary music. Many arrangements and original compositions have been written especially for the 14 flautists: The programme for this pre-Christmas concert on the 4th Sunday of Advent includes the premiere of the Sternbilder-Suite by Swiss oboist, composer and conductor Gotthard Odermatt. This seasonal concert will open with a wind arrangement of the buoyant Donna Diana Overture by Emil Nikolaus von Reznicek, a very well-known composer in his lifetime whose name was spoken of in the same breath as Richard Strauss. This is followed by an adaptation of Antonín Dvořák’s melodic Wind Serenade op. 44. Following the touching “Evening Prayer” from Engelbert Humperdinck’s fairy-tale opera Hansel and Gretel, the 14 Berlin Flutes present, among other works – including Winter from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – the Sinfonia from the second part of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, a pastorale with a lilting Siciliano rhythm, portraying a dialogue between shepherds and choirs of angels.

14 Berliner Flötisten
Chamber Music in all its facets

Chamber Music in all its facets

The ensembles of the concert series

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